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Home Insulation and Mold Inspections

Blown-in insulation helps you beat the high cost of living. Home insulation and mold inspections help from AMARCO Roofing in Kouts, Indiana, helps you live in comfort and lets you start saving money today. Make sure to insulate your attic now with the right professionals.

AMARCO Roofing Services

Full-Service Installation for Insulation

Proper planning prior to any phase of a project ensures high-quality results. Just like our exterior energy services, AMARCO Roofing does it all and does it right. During the planning phase, we:

  • Inspect the Attic for Proper Insulation Already in Place, Especially Concerning Depth and Voids
  • Inspect for Signs of Mold and Mildew, Signs of Heat Loss, and Moisture Content
  • Inspect for Proper Ventilation, Which Most Contractors Don't or Can't Do
  • Specify and Install Proper Ventilation Needed
  • Specify and Make Modifications to the Attic Layout for Storage, Mechanical Items, or Even Ease-of-Entry

Thorough Service

Just like any other job to be done, there is a right way and a better way to do it. Too many contractors rush through projects. The results of that are:

  • Blocked Soffits
  • Bare Spots
  • Moisture
  • Condensation

Ventilation Packages

Our insulation and ventilation packages can save you 20% or more on your heating and cooling bills. Our complete roof systems practically pay for themselves. Don't bother calling your electric company to complain. Make it right by calling AMARCO Roofing today!